Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Photos: The Court at Colton

This past fall, Court 13 found its perfect spiritual home: the Colton Studio, on St. Claude Avenue in New Orleans.

Colton was a public school that closed shortly after Katrina. Now it has been reopened as 3 floors of studio space, inhabited by some of the area's artists as a place where art and community come together. Every artist at Colton teaches free classes to the public, and Joe New Orleans can walk in whenever he wants to peruse the wonders on display.

These include Court 13's own "Saints of Atlantis" exhibit (showcasing a gussied up version of the raft from "Glory at Sea," and featured currently on the Court 13 website here), Court ally Annie E's furniture art, a light spectacular from the guy who did the fireworks at the Beijing Olympics, and much more.

The Court itself inhabits 2 to 3 rooms at a time - 2 for workshopping, 1 for brainstorming. And most importantly, to help storm the brain, Colton is located a stone's throw away from the Daiquiri Shop at Elysian Fields and St. Claude.

Come up and see us some time.

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